“…and so Argolmir was killed, and his flesh became the land, his blood became the endless sea, his last breath became the sky, and his sweat became man. And the other behemoths fled to the dark corners of the world, lest they be hunted too.”

The grizzled old pirate grinned as the waitress delivered another rum to him. He drank it slowly as he regarded his guest.

“So, you’ve paid for my drinks, you’ve listened to my tales, and you’ve been properly respectful of your elders. Good.” He belched and leaned back in his chair. “Now, about your question…”

“Yeah, I sailed on the Golden Draconian back in the day. The rumors you’ve heard probably don’t cover half of it. Good ship, eccentric captain. She’ll either get you rich or dead quick, but there ain’t a dull trip on her. Now… you look like you got some skill and restraint to back up that greed. Reminds me of me,” he grinned a moment, "so I’ll give you some advice.

“First, remember you’re all on the same boat. Don’t get cocky, don’t get greedy, and don’t steal more than your share, because even if you die, she’ll hunt you down in your next life to make you pay. I saw her do it.

“Second, don’t pry too much. A lady’s got to keep her secrets, and she doesn’t tolerate disrespect well.” He narrowed his eyes. “Lost quite a few mates to that.”

“Keep those in mind and you should do well once you get aboard. I wish you luck.” He raised his mug. “May Valhalla and Niflheim both overlook you.”

A tale of swashbucklers, searchers, and scoundrels seeking their fortunes across the dangerous seas on a legendary ship. A series of adventures for high heroic & paragon characters, set in a dusky realm of valkyries & voodoo. Get rich, fight gloriously, or die trying.

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