“The backbone of any respectable force! No matter what fancy tricks you got, if you don’t have a good swordsman, you’re as good as lost.”

Martial prowess is revered across the Sea, not just as a path to honor & glory, but as a ticket to Valhalla.

  • Fighters and Warlords are both important parts of any troop and sought after by any force.
  • Rogues are sneered upon as cowardly backstabbers. That doesn’t stop them from thriving in the shadows. Assassins do as well, drawing on the power of Hel and death.
  • Rangers and Seekers are rare. The wilderness is lethal; all but the best quickly wind up dead.


“The power of the gods themselves. Awe-inspiring compassion or wrath. See it in action and you’d think we might have a chance in Ragnarok, too.”

  • Avengers are the swords of the Gods in the mortal realm. It’s rumored avengers are warriors of Valhalla reborn, or agents of the Gods descended to earth to do Their bidding.
  • Clerics are the ralliers of the Gods, inciting armies to war against all enemies & warriors to follow the tenants of the Gods.
  • Invokers summon spirits and power from Valhalla to save the souls of believers and smite their enemies. Some believe they summon the valkyries from Valhalla to escort the souls of the fallen to Valhalla, or that they can have prophetic visions.
  • Paladins are the descendents of avengers, more suited to honorable combat & organized warfare than the savage fights of prehistory.
  • Runepriests are very common, perhaps moreso than clerics. The power of the Gods’ runes are well-known in the world, and many divine servants draw on them for strength.


“Ugh, magic sends a shiver down my spine. It’s not of this world, and its practicers will screw over anyone in pursuit of more power.”

  • Artificers are rarely, if ever, seen; technology is not a driving force in the world. If there are any, they’re probably amongst the races below, who were always strange like that.
  • Bards are the only arcane classes really tolerated by most people. Their use of the arcane is tolerated as a necessary eccentricity for the stories & news they spread throughout the lands.
  • Sorcerers are feared for their primal connection to magic. It’s rumored they’re connected to the giants, either through blood or contracts.
  • Swordmages are respected as warriors, but rumor is they were founded by the giants and will side with them come Ragnarok. Which may be true; the swordmages’ origin is unknown to outsiders, and they are very secretive about their art.
  • Warlocks are feared even more than sorcerers, as they tap into darker energies & often willingly made deals for it.
  • Wizards are usually isolated loners, toiling through forgotten tomes on the edges of civilization for power. They are alternately feared & respected.


“Tricky, sly bastards. They’re close to nature, and nature will feed you one day and feed off you the next. I’ve made a few good deals with them, but they’re always trying to get the better of you somehow.”

  • Barbarians are common amongst the savage raiders. The tribal ones are constant threats to nearby settlements, and having a mercenary barbarian guard is a source of prestige and fear.
  • Druids and Shamans lead the primitive tribes and protect nature from civilized influences. They are vague, opportunistic, and ruthless, but willing to help a cause that proves itself.
  • Wardens are rare. Nature’s creatures usually have to fend for themselves, and nature itself rarely needs any help. A warden’s appearance usually means things have gotten very bad.


“People reading thoughts? Controlling others? Moving objects with just their minds? What are you talking about?”

  • Few, if any, know about psionics in the world.


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